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Our Participants' Photo Gallery

We are delighted to share photos and quotes from generous North American knitters and crocheters. Their colorful, beautifully made gifts are providing warmth and a caring message to displaced Afghan families.

Would you like your photo added to our gallery? Email your image (with YOU in it!) to afghans4Afghans at aol dot com. Please include your name and location.

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» Participants gallery
Warped Weavers,
Jarrettsville, MD
Marian Miller, TX,
Booth Volunteers at
Stitches West 2005,
Santa Clara, CA
Bill & Betty Burkhart,
Humboldt, IA,with Ann & Stan
at Stitches West 2005
All Crafts for Charity
Group, Coordinated
by Nancy Hamm
Rahima Haya & Ann
at Stitches West 2005,
Santa Clara, CA
Alexsansandra Monk,
Seattle, WA
Sue from Miami,
FL, says...
Carol MacKenzie
at Stitches West
2004 Oakland, CA
La Lana Wool Sweater
by Gail Garrison
Berkeley, CA
Special Occasions Knitters
Lancaster, PA
Volunteer Packers Else
Jessica, Candace &
Ada San Francisco, CA
Paula, Natalie
Candace, Rahima, & Maggie
Stitches West 2004, Oakland, CA
Helen Feddema
Kerhonkson, NY
Kibet & Nicole
Keystone College
La Plume, PA
Cindy Guggemos &
Lavonne Erickson
Blanchardville, WI
Mark Wunderlich
Provincetown, MA
Judith Mencher
in Afghan Socks
San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Kibler-McCabe
Madison, MN
Stan & Ruth at
Stitches West 2003
Oakland, CA
Poem by Julie Adamson,
Victoria, B.C., Canada
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I have more yarn! I will keep crocheting until a) I run out of yarn, or b) someone tells me to stop. This is a good excuse to use up the yarn and to clean out my closets. I have made several afghans over the years just because I enjoy doing it. I have 'blanketed' my family so, I guess that it is now time to 'blanket' Afghanistan. Two of the six afghans that are in the mail are small. All are acrylic, easy to clean, and durable. Since I cannot send my dinner to the Afghans, I'll send them blankets. I am more than happy to help and might have recruited a friend of mine for the project. I'll email her today and let her know that this is an ongoing project. I am familiar with the American Friends Service Committee, from about 30 years ago. My mom did draft counseling during the Vietnam War, and I went to demonstrations and volunteered at the Chicago Peace Council. So, you might say that I am an old hand at helping.
Sue, Miami, FL

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